1. Written confirmation of our fees is supplied on request and all clients will receive notification of any revised fees in writing.
  2. Specialist or bulk stationery/materials required for the completion of the task instructed will be charged in addition to staffing costs. Details of these charges can be provided in advance of any work being undertaken at the request of the Client.
  3. We reserve the right to request a deposit for any work to be undertaken.
  4. At the discretion of East Coast Administration Ltd cancellation of a booked appointment given less than 24 hours in advance may incur a fee sufficient to cover the time originally allocated to the appointment.
  5. Invoices are issued monthly detailing the staffing element, materials, mileage and VAT (if appropriate). Payment is due on or before the 6th of the month following the invoice date unless otherwise stated.
  6. Payments not received on time will incur a late payment penalty of £50 or 10% of the outstanding account (whichever is the greater), and will also incur interest at a rate equivalent to the Bank of England base rate plus 8% in line with the Government’s late payment legislation.
  7. Payments not received within 30 days of the invoice date may be subject to legal action to recover the amount owing, plus charges/interest, and any legal fees incurred.
  8. We may from time to time be in a position to offer extended credit terms, but this must be arranged prior to any work being undertaken and is at the discretion of East Coast Administration Limited.
  9. If a Client has a complaint or there is an issue with any work carried out by East Coast Administration Ltd, then the Client must inform us by telephone or in writing at the earliest possible opportunity (within a maximum of one month) to enable us to resolve these issues in a mutually acceptable way.
  10. Acceptance of a quotation by a Client or a verbal or written instruction from a Client forms a contract of service, cancellation of which may be made by either party prior to the commencement of the work. Cancelled work may incur charges to the Client as a result of costs relating to specialist or bulk stationery/equipment ordered for the work which we are unable to cancel or return, or any preparation work undertaken by East Coast Administration Ltd prior to commencement of the work.
  11. Acceptance of a quotation also implies acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.
  12. If during the course of their employment with East Coast Administration Ltd, a member of staff is offered employment by a client and the member of staff chooses to accept this offer, the Client will pay to East Coast Administration Limited 25% of the gross annual salary for that member of staff or £2,500
    (whichever is the greater) by way of a finder’s fee and to compensate for training and recruitment costs incurred by East Coast Administration Ltd. This will apply to all staff members for a period of one year following their employment at East Coast Administration Limited.
  13. Notice Period
    Service provision by East Coast Administration Ltd can be terminated without notice or financial penalty to the client in the following circumstances:
  • Gross misconduct on the part of an employee of East Coast
    Administration Limited
  • Protracted poor timekeeping/unreliability by East Coast Administration staff if not resolved by a meeting between East Coast Administration Ltd and the Client.
  • Data Protection/Confidentiality issues
  • Customer complaints issues directed at East Coast Administration Ltd staff if these issues cannot be resolved by a meeting between East Coast Administration Ltd and the Client.

Notice will be in accordance with the Service Level Agreement (where appropriate). If a letter of engagement is in place a three month notice period will be required. If there is no Service Level Agreement or Letter of Engagement a payment equivalent to three months fees (based on an average where applicable) will be charged to the client.

East Coast Administration Services Ltd
3 Fairstead Cottages
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Tel: 01986 872072

Our Services Include

  • Payroll
  • Book-keeping
  • Typing
  • General Administration Services